MaineLyme has chosen these 6 books to highly recommend. The Horowitz and Singleton books are great for patient information on disease and treatments. The Weintraub book is best for understanding the state of politics at the time of writing. The When Your Child Has Lyme Disease Book is a parents survival guide, and the Crucible is a historical documentary of collective writings and associated materials by one of the pioneer doctors who is treating Lyme disease patients. The Widening Circle is by Polly Murray, the Connecticut Mom who called upon the CDC to investigate the new illness in her family and neighborhood.


How I Can Get Better  by Dr. Richard Horowitz







Why Can’t I Get Better by Dr. Richard Horowitz
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The Lyme Disease Solution by Dr. Ken Singleton

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Cure Unknown  by Pam Weintraub

Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic

When Your Child Has Lyme Disease

by Sandra K. Berenbaum, LCSW, BCD, and Dorothy Kupcha Leland

In The Crucible of Chronic Lyme Disease 

by Kenneth Leigner, M.D.

The WIDENING CIRCLE by Polly Murray

The first person to focus attention on Lyme disease, Polly Murray tells the harrowing story of her early efforts to identify what was making her family so sick– and their battle with the illness over a twenty-year period.


There are many, many books written on various aspects of Lyme including herbal therapies, diet, living with Lyme, personal stories, and even fiction involving Lyme disease. Many are great books. Ask around for personal recommendations on others you find.

Or email us and we can give you an opinion if we have read it!



UNDER OUR SKIN                                                                           EMERGENCE     

Under Our Skin ( is a film directed by Andy Abrahams Wilson. The film was shown at the Camden (Maine) International Film Festival, and has won numerous awards as listed on their website. The film depicts the lives of Lyme patients and the controversies in the medical world. Emergence is a follow up of the people in Under Our Skin.

 MaineLyme has participated in several Q&A sessions after the showing of Under Our Skin. Contact us if you are interesting in having us participate in your showing.

Happy Dickey and Andy Abrahams Wilson at the Camden International Film Festival 2008

Happy Dickey and Andy Abrahams Wilson at the Camden International Film Festival 2008